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Your game is as great as ever, but you’re not the type that basks in past glory. Confident, never content. Skilled, but always pushing to be the absolute best player you can be, day in and day out. This special design celebrates the go-getters who dream about leading the next fast break, ending tomorrow’s pickup session on a win or Saturday’s on-the-run game-winner. Loaded with cushion in the core, this shoe helps you stay moving forward—from check-up to “that’s game.” With its extra-durable rubber outsole, this version gives you traction for outdoor courts.

Lightweight, Smooth, Responsive
The full-length foam is perfect for providing cushioning at high speed, and helps keep your foot from moving around in the shoe. We paired the foam with a molded insole that makes for a potent combination of soft responsiveness.
Bouncy and Smooth
We stitched a full-length Zoom Air unit to the bottom of the upper to give you a propulsive feeling down the floor and optimal energy return from the 1st step you take to the last. Whether you’re exploding out of triple threat or sprinting from baseline to baseline, it gives you responsiveness directly under your foot.
Minimal So You Can Move
Built like a modern running shoe, the minimal upper helps keep the shoe as lightweight as possible. Mesh uses reinforced layers to create support around the toe, heel and midfoot, delivering stability without adding weight.
Ankle Support
Padded, mid-high collar adds support around the ankle without sacrificing agility.
Foam tongue helps reduce lace pressure.
Waffle herringbone traction pattern offers great bite and court feel.