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NBA Philippines Homecourt Tee - White

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In celebration of the first year anniversary of, the official online NBA Store in the Philippines, we are launching the second NBA Philippines Tees Collection, featuring two designs inspired by the Philippine flag’s blue, red and yellow hues. The gradient expression of colors establishes a bold statement of the league and the nation wherever you go.
The Homecourt Tee pays homage to the etymology of the Philippines. With its naming origins traced back to the Spanish expedition in the 1500s, the Republic of the Philippines inherited several names over the course of history, including Filipinas, Pearl of the Orient, Las Islas Filipinas and Philippines, which are placed beside the NBA logo. In addition, the back print presents a heatmap of the 7,641 islands superimposed on a basketball court that pins the NBA logo at the heart of an entire nation, showcasing the Filipino’s passion for the world’s premier basketball league.