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Privacy Policy

1. Respecting your privacy

The www.nbastore.com.ph online and mobile sites, applications and/or service (the “Web Site”) are operated by International Athletic Trading Company (“IATC”) and its affiliate Ropo Commerce Solutions Inc. (“ROPO”) (collectively, “we”), under license by NBA Properties, Inc. (“NBAP”, and together with its affiliates and related entities, and each their respective owners, employees, officers, directors and representatives, collectively, the “NBA Entities”). We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of the Web Site user ("user", "you", or "your"), and to comply with applicable privacy laws, which set out standards for the management of personal information. This policy outlines our personal information management practices.

2. Registration

You may need to register to place an order for products through this Web Site. In return for allowing you to use this Web Site and benefiting from our services, you agree that any information you provide us about yourself at any time will be true, accurate, current and complete and that you will ensure that this information is kept accurate and up to date. You acknowledge and agree that this Web Site, IATC, ROPO, and the NBA Entities have no liability arising from any incorrect information you provide during registration.

3. Consent

By using any part of this Web Site, you consent to the collection and use of your personally identifiable information as outlined in this Policy and to the collection, processing and maintenance of this information in the Republic of the Philippines, and where applicable, other countries. If you do not agree to this Policy, please do not use this Web Site as your use of any part of this Web Site indicates your acceptance of this Policy and of the collection and use of your personally identifiable information in accordance with this Policy.

4. Changes to our Privacy Policy

Any material changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted here so that you are always aware of what personally identifiable information is collected, how that information is used, and under what circumstances that information may be disclosed. Since this Policy may change from time to time, you should review it periodically and specifically before you provide any additional personally identifiable information. Your continued use of this Web Site following the posting of changes to this Policy will signal your acceptance of such changes.

5. What kind of personal information do we collect and hold?

We collect and hold personal information that is reasonably necessary for the operation of this Web Site, which may include:

  • your personal details such as your name, email and/or physical addresses, telephone numbers, employer, date of birth, age and gender;
  • financial information (such as your credit card details);
  • your order number, customer reference number or loyalty card number;
  • any rewards and redemption details applicable to your membership of one of our loyalty programs;
  • what, how and when you buy from us or have expressed an interest in buying from us; and
  • demographic information such as your postcode and your stated or likely preferences, for example whether you may be interested in particular products or promotions.


You generally have the option of not identifying yourself or of using a pseudonym when dealing with us, but not where this is impractical (for example when you shop online with us) or where the law or a court order provides otherwise.

6. How do we collect and hold personal information?

Collection of personal information:

When we collect personal information about you, we do so by making a record of it. We do this when:

  • you visit the Web Site;
  • you purchase products from us online;
  • you register with us, for example to create an account, to become a member of one of our loyalty programs or to send you information;
  • you communicate with us online;
  • you take part in our promotions, competitions, testimonials, surveys and focus groups;
  • you deal with us in other ways involving a need for personal information to be provided such as when you contact one of our call centers or chat lines or bring a claim against us.


We may also collect personal information about you by accessing data from other sources and then analyzing that data together with the information we already hold about you in order to learn more about your likely preferences and interests. When you visit the Web Site, social media pages or mobile applications or click on our advertisements on online media, we may collect information about you using technology which is not apparent to you, for example “cookies“.

Holding of personal information:

Any personal information we hold is stored on our web servers in secure environments. These servers may be operated by us or by our service providers. In all cases, we have rigorous information security requirements aimed at eliminating risks of unauthorized access to, and loss, misuse or wrongful alteration of, personal information.

All credit/debit card information you provide to us is transmitted via secure technology to the payment processor. Credit card details are not stored by us.

Your personal information is password-protected to prevent unauthorized access to it. You should not divulge your password to anyone.

7. Why do we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information?

When we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information, we do so primarily to sell and promote our products and services to you and to improve on the range of our offerings.

8. How can you enquire about, access and correct your personal information?

We will provide you with access to any of your personal information we hold (except in limited circumstances recognized by law). If you wish to access your personal information or have an enquiry about privacy, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by calling us on our dedicated phone number.

Alternatively, you can write to us at:

International Athletic Trading Company, Inc. (The NBA Store Philippines)
170 F. Blumentritt Street, Corner San Luis Street
Barangay Tibagan, San Juan City, 1500

Before we provide you with access to your personal information we may require some proof of identity. We may also charge a reasonable fee for giving access to your personal information if your request requires substantial effort on our part.

9. How can you complain about our management of personal information?

If you wish to complain about a breach of the privacy rules that bind us, you may contact us at [email protected] We may ask you to put your complaint in writing and to provide details about it. We may discuss your complaint with our personnel and our service providers and others as appropriate.

We will investigate the matter and attempt to resolve it in a timely way. We will inform you in writing about the outcome of the investigation.

10. Our sharing of your personal information overseas

It is our policy to require all of our overseas sharing of personal information to be done in a way which requires observance of strict privacy and security standards, both during transit and at the overseas destination. We may allow your personal information to be shared with those who are in countries other than your own location. We do this:

  • where we have made a business decision to host our Web Sites or store our data with trusted service providers who are in the business of providing website hosting, data storage and/or data processing services. These services commonly involve diverse geographic locations which change from time to time for reasons which include data protection and processing efficiency. Our main business location is in the Philippines, but some of our group companies may be based in other countries from time to time;
  • when our business which collected your personal information is in a different country to your location;
  • when sharing such information with the NBA Entities, or where relevant the commercial partners of us or the NBA Entities, which are located in a different country to your location;
  • when our supply to you necessarily involves overseas disclosures. For example where we need to provide certain of your personal information to one or more of our overseas product suppliers in order to fulfil your order;
  • where you are involved with public liability issues concerning a product we may disclose your personal information to any overseas supplier of such a product in the course of managing those issues.


11. What about third party sites you link to?

Note that this Web Site works with (and may provide links to) third party sites (i.e., sites that are not part of this Web Site) that advertise on and/or offer features and transactions described on this Web Site (e.g., tickets, fantasy games, subscription services, chat rooms, message boards, registration for camps and clinics) but not controlled by us. The organizations controlling those third party sites are responsible for ensuring that they comply with applicable laws, regulations, and rules. If you visit a site that is not part of this Web Site, we encourage you to review said site's privacy policy before providing any personally identifiable information.

12. What is your policy for children using the site?

This Web Site does not knowingly solicit any personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. In addition, this Web Site does not knowingly obtain, retain or use information from anyone who indicates that they are under the age of 13. Accordingly, children under the age of 13 may be restricted from participating in certain features and transactions on this Web Site.

13. More information

If you have any questions, comments, or requests regarding this policy or the information practices of this Web Site, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected].

14. Cookies Statement

Cookies may be arranged (“set”) by us or by others under an arrangement with us, such as companies whose business it is to analyses information. We may also access information from cookies set by others (“3rd party cookies”).

15. Why do we allow cookies to be used?

We allow cookies to be used for three reasons.

  • First, we allow session cookies to be used when you visit our online content. This enables your device to move from page to page without having to log in repeatedly. These generally improve your browsing experience.
  • Second, we allow persistent (permanent) cookies to be used to better inform how the content your device visits may be presented to you. Persistent cookies can store your preferences for a particular site, so they will be remembered when the site is visited again.
  • Third, we allow persistent and other kinds of permanent cookies (such as “flash” cookies) to be set and we access information from third party cookies in order to assist in compiling and analyzing the types of online content you visit and your interaction with that content. This assists us to assess what promotions to offer to you, and when and how. It also assists us to measure the effectiveness of our promotions.


16. What are your choices about cookies?

You can control the extent to which your device allows cookies to be set on it. You can do this by changing the settings on the software your device uses to access the internet (your browser software). For example, depending on which browser your device uses, you may be able to disable third party cookies.

17. Collection Notice

We may collect personal information such as your name, address, contact details and identification details, primarily for the purpose of and incidental to selling and promoting our products and services to you in a secure way.

We may use your personal information to consider any requests you make of us, for the purpose of promoting our products and services or those of our commercial partners (if you separately consent to receiving marketing materials), for research and analytical purposes, to perform administrative functions, and to comply with our legal obligations. We may also disclose your personal information to the NBA Entities. If you do not provide this information in whole or in part, we may not be able to provide you with the products and services you require.

Rest assured, we will treat any information that you give us as confidential. However, we may pass this information on to the NBA Entities, to our group companies, to our commercial partners or those of the NBA Entities (if you separately consent to receiving marketing materials) or to other businesses who perform functions or services on our behalf, such as delivery, IT services, mailing functions, call center, gateway providers, organizations that assist us to check for or prevent unauthorized or fraudulent transactions, or where otherwise required by law. We will request any third party to which your personal information is disclosed to also treat the information as confidential.